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Spring Has Finally Arrived in Porthcurno, Cornwall!

Primroses herald the arrival of spring…finally!

What a difference a day or two has made here in Porthcurno, we have primroses again! Easter Sunday, just a couple of days ago, was a complete wash out with high winds, rain and cold temperatures. The cafe, Porthcurno Beach Cafe, was open and we were surprised at the number of souls who braved the horrible weather and ventured in… I put it down to a combination of the fresh coffee aroma and lure of a warm wood burner heater, that helped convince them! We were very grateful to see them and urged them to come back to Cornwall for another visit “It’s not always like this!” we assured them.

A View from the Cafe

Back to today…the sun was shining, and a walk was high on the agenda. Gone was the dark grey sky and ocean of the past few days. Today the sea was strikingly azure, reflecting the blue hues of the sky above. Birdsong filled the air and I noticed a few bumblebees, warming themselves on a granite wall, preparing themselves for a day of harvesting precious nectar. I overheard someone say that they had just seen a Merlin, a small falcon, which incidentally was featured on BBC’s Countryfile at the weekend. I scanned the sky, but I wasn’t so lucky. Perhaps tomorrow…

Beautiful bright shrub with bluebells in the background.

Up the lane, past the car park I couldn’t help but notice this beautiful shrub on the right side of the road but haven’t a clue what it is. Do you? I’m sure I didn’t see any flowers on it a couple of days ago, but I could be mistaken. I’m sure this strange yellow ball in the sky, spreading all that warmth (what, on earth, can it be?) is responsible for this sudden burst of colour and activity in the natural world. Long may it last!

You’re always guaranteed a warm welcome at the Porthcurno Beach Cafe!

Whether you’re a local or are on holiday visiting from afar, please drop in and say hello, we’d love to see you and hear about your day…

We can offer a selection of teas and coffees; lunch, afternoon tea and more! Furthermore, the cafe is now fully licensed, so you may now enjoy a pre-meal gin and tonic and a glass of wine or Prosecco with your meal. Cheers!

For more information, visit our website

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